Are your Google pins missing too?

I logged on today and noticed that our Google pins (that display us on the Google map) was gone. We also checked for our clients and had a handful of clients who also were not displaying on the Google map as well. I immediately checked our “Google My Business page” and discovered not only were our pins gone but all our reviews, our pin placement and whole knowledge panel were all removed. I found the same thing for our clients affected as well.

There were no recent changes to our Google Business listing, our address has been the same for some time and our company has been in business since 2008. We have also optimized our Google Business listing complete with photos, a virtual tour, and 17 Google reviews. Our citations are all in order across all directory platforms. So what went wrong?

We called Google, who you can reach directly at 866-246-6453 and indicate option 3 for a Google My Business representative. A My Business rep came on the phone and explained to us “it was glitch in the system”, as he had seen it happen before. What happened was, Google could not find our physical address based on where our pin was set on the map.

We thought that was strange. How can they not find our business when Google is the culprit that automatically placed our pin for us? It seems this happens more often than you would think, and the fix is simple.

  • Go to your Google My Business listing and click on “Manage Location” for the business in question.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.46.46 AM

  • Edit your business information by clicking the ‘Edit’ button located at the top right near your company name and tagline.
  • Within the “Address” section, click on the map to edit your address. Important: DO NOT EDIT your actual street address listed here. You only want to edit your pin location.
  • Once you’re in the “Address” section, click on ‘Edit marker location’ located on the right above your map.
  • Zoom in so that you can see your building, and move your pin slightly. Only a few centimeters should do it. We simply took our pin from the middle of the building and put it right in front of the building as you can see below. Once you’ve edited your pin location, click ‘Ok’, and then Save your Address information.

If you completed the steps listed above, everything should be good to go. After a few minutes for us, everything was back to normal, and we took a sigh of relief. So if you are having this problem, we hope this helps you resolve it!

Author: Stephen
Verify Rocket Town Media, LLC