Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization

Alright, so most of you have probably heard of Search Engine Optimization or otherwise referred to as SEO but how many of you actually know the full importance of it? Your main priority was to get an amazing website that would blow the competition away and of course if you used Rocket Town Media to design your website you have accomplished that part. Now what though? You have a website and it is live but nobody is going to it or maybe not as many people as you thought it would be. Did you know that you can’t just publish a website and expect it to get to page 1 in the search engines? Let me give you an example and we will use Huntsville Home Builders as the search term and there are 734,000 results that show up in Google. Only 10 of those results are allowed on page 1. So, if all you are doing is publishing your website then chances of you being on page 1 is slim to none.

How Do You Get To Page 1 – On Page SEOSearch Engine Optimization

There are several different factors to getting to page 1 but for today we are only going to discuss one of the topics and that is Keyword Density for On Page SEO.  What am I talking about when I say On Page SEO? We want to start with focusing on your keywords but also much more.  You always want to start with On Page Search Engine Optimization because if that is not right you will have to work a lot harder for minimal results. You HAVE to stay up to date with Google changes if you want to be on top.

On Page Search Engine Optimization – Keyword Density

For today we are only going to discuss Keyword Density so that we do not overwhelm anyone that is new to Search Engine Optimization. Keyword Density is where you ensure you have the targeted keywords you are going after on your page. This does not mean spam your keyword throughout the entire page trying to put it in every other sentence. If you do this then Google will penalize you for what they call “Over Optimization”. You have to find the sweet spot and keep it around that area. As of right now anywhere between the 2% – 3% mark is working. That is today and Google could change their algorithm tomorrow and it may be a different story. For an average post of about 500 words you want your keyword on the page 10 – 12 times. You also want to have your keyword show up at least once in every paragraph and twice in the last paragraph. Always try to get it in the last sentence in your last paragraph. Like I mentioned before do not try to force the keywords into your page. It needs to read naturally. Trust me the “robots” for these search engines are smart and can pick up if something isn’t right with it. Don’t feel bad if you are lost or confused. SEO is not something you learn overnight. It takes years of learning and trial and error to find the right solutions. If you need help please feel free to Contact Us and we will help you find a solution for your Search Engine Optimization.

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