Planning to Blog?

We help most of our clients set up blogs for their websites.  A blog sounds like a great thing to have, right?  Well, the problem is, blogs are hard to maintain.

It’s not that blogs are hard to just write.  The hard part is finding relevant and/or valuable content that would be useful to potential customers, not just taking up web space so that you can say you have a blog.   There is no doubt that blogs are important, and can provide value to your business.  Check out 7 Reasons to Rethink Your Blogging Strategy: New Research and this Content Marketing resource.

So, as we’re all heading into 2012, you might have a little extra time to do some necessary office work, 2012 planning, or playing a little catch up.  I suggest spending a little time with your blog.  As I sit here, I have decided that I’m going to write 2-3 blogs per day for the next 2-3 weeks, and put together a plan of when to release those blogs throughout 2012.  Our Rocket Town site is built on the same platform that we recommend for most of our clients, WordPress.  A blogging system like this will typically give you the ability to schedule when your posts will be published.

So spend a little time thinking about your business, how your blog can be of benefit to your current and potential customers, and then spend a little time planning your blog calendar.   Whether you have a Huntsville blog or a business somewhere else, Blogging doesn’t have to be a thorn in your side, it just takes a little forward thinking.


Author: Stephen
Profile: Stephen Rice has spent the past eight years creating, championing, and implementing marketing ideas and online branding ideals for many companies in North Alabama and the region. Ignoring the economy and the status quo, Stephen co-founded Rocket Town Media in September 2008. Stephen founded the company with the belief that there was a huge void in the market place for an affordable, yet knowledgeable web, mobile technology, and Internet marketing firm. Stephen’s key to success is focusing members of his team on following specific processes, and becoming the leader in their specific strength. Prior to Rocket Town, Stephen was a marketing consultant in broadcast television for five years, and was a youth minister at a local church in Central Alabama for five years. Stephen currently resides in the smartest city in America. (That's Huntsville!)
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