Are your social skills up to date?

As many of you are finding out, Facebook is making changes yet again.  Your neatly designed business fan pages are about to get a rude awakening with the new fan page timeline on March 30, 2012.

As we are studying the changes and how it affects our current social media strategy, we have noticed many changes.  We are already beginning to get calls about these changes, and clients wondering what to do when this happens.

If this is overwhelming to you, or you’d rather spend your time running your business, give Rocket Town Media a call and we’ll be glad to help you transition smoothly into the new timeline, and to set yourself apart from your competition first.  Our Rocket Town Media Huntsville social media consultants are on top of this and look forward to working with all of our clients with this.

Update 3/5/12:  New article with more details on the changes

Author: Jason
Profile: Jason Elliott is a Web Programmer & Coordinator at Rocket Town Media. Jason specializes in creating easy ways for developers to install programs on projects and update them at later points. A Birmingham, Alabama native, Jason joined Rocket Town Media in 2011, after spending 4 years as lead programmer with the Atlanta firm Spectrum24 Media. When Jason isn't working, you might find him practicing one of his many magic tricks.
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