10 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Site

With smartphone’s taking the majority share in mobile phone usage in America this year, it’s easy to see that the future of the Web is mobile.  No one can afford to ignore it.

Of course, some people are still committed to ignoring the web.  None the less, this rad post is about Mobile and how it can help your business grow.

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Author: Stephen
Profile: Stephen Rice has spent the past eight years creating, championing, and implementing marketing ideas and online branding ideals for many companies in North Alabama and the region. Ignoring the economy and the status quo, Stephen co-founded Rocket Town Media in September 2008. Stephen founded the company with the belief that there was a huge void in the market place for an affordable, yet knowledgeable web, mobile technology, and Internet marketing firm. Stephen’s key to success is focusing members of his team on following specific processes, and becoming the leader in their specific strength. Prior to Rocket Town, Stephen was a marketing consultant in broadcast television for five years, and was a youth minister at a local church in Central Alabama for five years. Stephen currently resides in the smartest city in America. (That's Huntsville!)
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