Medical iPhone application


The Problem:

A specific request for a highly efficient, mobile software solution featuring a simple user interface was submitted by a medical technologies supplier serving a variety of major hospitals, outpatient facilities and private practices. The need arose from the client’s need to rid the medical facilities of inefficient and outdated paper–based processes.

The majority of the medical administration processes for hospitals, outpatient facilities and private practices hinge on outdated record keeping that is typically communicated and transferred via fax and / or over the telephone. The majority of hospitals utilize terribly inefficient record keeping systems that rely upon repetitive and paper intensive tasks that are far too often time consuming for doctors and staff, resulting in ballooning administrative costs, overhead and a general lack of staff efficiency in the overall care–giving process.

Historically, a lack of transparency and poor communication in the timely delivery of patient information stemmed from paper based processes that consistently resulted in poorly enforced care standards and a disconnected workflow for staff members. A lack of metrics and quantifiable data in patient care delivery and isolated paper data sources was creating frustrating bottlenecks for staff specifically tasked with continuously streamlining patient care and overhead for maximum efficiency.

Deficient risk management was also consistently inhibiting the identification of deteriorating patients and the overall management of prioritized care. Human resource management and the ability to ensure ethical care were also identified as areas that had a real need for enhanced efficiency.

Additionally, a shortage of expertise at the point-of-care, along with the expanding scope and depth of care, significant increases in paper-work responsibilities were greatly reducing overall patient care efficiency levels.


The Solution:

A mobile “Care Management System” was developed utilizing a collaborative, care-centered, wireless iPhone hardware kit that is directly linked to the facilities’ servers and internet application systems.

The immediate benefits of the new mobile system has resulted in the elimination of most paper-based processes, while providing real-time, patient care information that eliminates the need for redundant data entry processes and inefficient time utilization for staff members. A unified messaging and scheduling system that allows throughout workflow for staff members in scheduling systems was also included, which also resulted in greater staff efficiency.

3D Care Plans, Risk analytics and performance management throughout the custom designed system enhances the key patient health trends and overall care transparency throughout the system.

Product procurement and a Balanced Score Card Reporting system now provides facility management groups with bottom line performance statistics that emphasize where and when changes should be implemented throughout a healthcare providers system.


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